So the title says it all, what I am building is a personal notification system for Glitch

I really enjoy glitch a lot but what I hated was how when I was away from my computer I had no way of checking if my skill was finished learning or how long left I had to learn this skill. Thanks to the super amazing fantastic API that the tinyspeak team put out, this is all possible and relatively simple to do.Using an arduino and a mobile LCD screen I was able to build this in a day and it is proving to be working great and very useful to me.

Current Features

  • Green/Red LED to indicate learning status (green means you are learning, red means you aren’t)
  • Name of the skill you are currently learning
  • Time left till the sill you are learning is complete

Planned Features

  • List of possible skills you can learn next
  • Selection of next skill
  • Automatically switch to the next skill when the one you learned is finished
  • Additional game info such as username, location, money and level.

If anyone has any more ideas for this project just let me know. Also if you want to build one yourself, I will open source the code and you can do it yourself. Its fairly easy these days. It costed me about $50 in parts, but I had them lying around anyways.

In the future I want to create a real rock like in the game and have all of the electronics inside so that all you can see are the LEDs and screen.


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