Introducing openFloor!

On September 3, 2010, in Interactive Media, openFloor, by Vlad Cazan

I would like to introduce the packaged version of my interactive floor projection project. It has been almost 4 months since I have set up this project but it has always been in the back of my mind to package the source files and release them on an open source repository. I have decided to use github since I have been using it this summer and it seems to be the most stable and user friendly.

I chose the name openFloor because I want this project to be just that, open. It will be interesting to see if anyone finds this code useful and what they can come up with in the future. This project consists of two different programs that must be running in order for this setup to work. The first piece of software, written in Xcode is responsible for tracking humans that are on the floor. It is located in the openCVBlobTracking folder. (The project file is located at: openCVBlobTracking/apps/blobTracking/blobTracking-OSX/blobTracking.xcodeproj) This program will spit out x,y coordinates as well as mood and the number of people on the floor. These values will be documented further at a later time. The second piece of software is written with Processing. This application decodes the values from the tracking software and creates a user interface that can be projected on the floor.

To celebrate this release I have decided to start working on an actionscript and flash based version of the processing one. I would really like to use the amazing dynamic features that flash has to offer and it would really make a huge difference on the floor interfaces.

If you have any questions on how to use this package, or on how to set up an interactive floor projection, feel free to leave a comment or contact me at cazanv @

Visit github Repository

Check out openFloor in action!

8 Responses to “Introducing openFloor!”

  1. Accent Chair says:

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  2. Dyech says:

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  3. Roger Saner says:

    Very cool stuff! I’m about to grab a copy of openFloor off github and start playing with it. Soooo glad you’ve done this on Mac – my platform of choice too 🙂

    I notice that when you first project an image, there look like there are 4 crosshairs around the screen – is this to calibrate the size of the projection relative to your positioning?

    You’ve got the blob detection working with a custom-made LED board; will openFloor work as well using a Kinect as the tracking device?

    • Vlad Cazan says:

      Thanks! As of right now it would not work with a Kinect I don’t think, without some code modification. But using a good camera and an good IR emitter you really shouldn’t need a Kinect as all you are tracking is blobs.

  4. Andrew says:

    I needed details relating to this on Aol and stumbled on your post. I thought it was nice clear. Thanks

  5. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Hi Vlad,
    I am new to the interactive world however would love to know about the this world. From what I have read for interactive floor projection, one needs the following
    Web cam with IR and a
    Laptop with Windows 7
    and of course the cables to connect them along with interactive software.
    Is this all or am I missing something?
    What kind of projector would you suggest?
    What type of web cam would you suggest?
    Please advice.

    Best regards

    • Vlad Cazan says:

      This project was done using off the shelf stuff. What I suggest is you find a camera that has a removable IR filter (nightmode) and use the brightest projection you can afford.

  6. Sagar says:

    I need to use this openFloor in windows(visual studio). So can you please tell me how can i use it in visual studio 2013/15

    Sagar Patel

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