Wi-Fi position tracking with RedPin

On February 19, 2011, in Interactive Media, by Vlad Cazan

After getting set up with an Apple Developer account from Ryerson, I found this amazing application for indoor/outdoor position tracking using Wi-Fi. This application is based on two things, a client and a server. The server can be a windows, linux or mac running a simple java applet. The client can be an iphone, or android device. In order to get the RedPin app on you iPhone you need to build and compile the project in Xcode and then upload it to your device. The one downfall of this product is that it uses an private API which makes it unsellable in the iTunes app store.

After testing the application for a few minutes I noticed it did a pretty good job in locating the front and back of my room. 10/10 times it guessed right after moving locations.

To try it out for yourself just visit redpin.org or click the link bellow:

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13 Responses to “Wi-Fi position tracking with RedPin”

  1. Kinew says:

    Thanks a ton for the information, happen to be looking many nights just for this.

  2. Ethan says:

    I tried to set up a new map with no luck. What procedure did you follow to set up a new map if you could give me some input regarding to that ?


    • Eric says:

      How do you set two different points in the client. Would you please be more specific in this detail. I was able to upload the map into the server by using the Android client. Not sure how the server realizes your location, there has to be a way to inform the server about your location. My client is an Android though

      Thanks for your help

      • Vlad Cazan says:

        On the iPhone client there is a plus button where you just stand in on area and add that point to the list, then move to another location, add that point and then when searching for a point it will show you which point you are closer to.

  3. Vlad Cazan says:

    All I did was run the server from my Mac. Loaded up the program and set two different points. Then you just move around and check Ur position and it will show which point your closest to.

    Let me know if you need anymore help.

  4. Eric says:

    I advanced to the point that I was able to load the map in the server. When you said : Loaded up the program and set two different points. Can you give details on how two set two different points. Also how does the server knows what map you are working with ?. I am working on the Android OS as a client

  5. BoyYoung says:

    thank you for your article.I spent many days to try to it with my Android device.But what I can just upload and download the map.I can add only one position in one map by touching the redpin.And I cant add position with my own willing.,which means the symble indecating the position always apeared at the same position,no matter hao many positions i set in this map.could you please tell me how to solve this problem?Or did you ever use redpin in Android device?

  6. Emanuel says:

    Hello Vlad,

    Im been fooling around trying to get this to work.
    It seems the app doesen’t work with iOS >6.0 ?
    Can you somehow confirm this?

    The sniffer does not work, it just says “Whoops. WiFi scanner cant be initialized”

    Any tips or help appreciated cause I think this rocks and I want to try it out.
    (Ive just managed to put in data to the db via telnet)

    Regards Emanuel

    • Vlad Cazan says:

      Hey Emanuel,

      I have not tried this past ios4. Sorry.


    • Emanuel says:

      Ok Vlad.
      Well for information to you and others that might wonder it looks like this:
      Since iOS4 it seems Apple restricted the use of Wifi-parts of their library.
      And the path for the libraries changed.
      To: /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/IPConfiguration.bundle/IPConfiguration

      The application also must be put in the /Applications folder via SSH on an jailbraken device to get this to work. (Only apps in that folder get access to this library.)
      If installed via xcode the application and she changed path, gives you no data of Wifi. (tells you socket blocked)

      Im now at the testingstage with a for this purpose JB’d device.
      Might be better of creating a webbased configuratorsite to make fingerprints to red pin..

      Thanks and good bye.

  7. doublei says:

    Anyone have this app working on newer versions of iOS or android? I’ve been trying to test it on various devices and haven’t had any luck.

  8. blablasir says:

    hi, can anyone teach me how to install and use redpin?
    i cant install and run it

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