IR Illuminator – Part Three

On February 2, 2010, in Electronics, openFloor, by Vlad Cazan

NOTE: This is a continuation of a three part post. Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 can be found here.
I finally finished soldering the IR LEDS on a breadboard in a matrix. I had 36 LEDs left after my experiments, so I decided to make a square 6 X 6.

The connection needed to be made parallel to ensure that all of the LEDs got the same amount of current and were the same brightness. The easiest way to do this is to connect the LED terminals to each other in a row and then connecting the ends of each row to the next one.

This soldering was very time consuming as I had to ensure that each LED was in the right way and it was inline with the others. When connecting the terminals, each one needed to be done individually, then cut, then soldered to the previous one. After doing this 36 times I was finally finished.

I connected the power converter to the rest of the board with 4 pin headers, two on each side. I also added a green led on the power supply so indicate if the board is on or off, since we cannot see IR leds with human vision it was getting impossible to tell if anything was working without looking through a camera. When the green LED is on, the power is running :).

This is a view of all 36 LEDs on from the top. Everything seems to be working perfectly, using a voltmeter I have verified that I am getting a clean 1.3V of power with enough current to turn all of the LEDS on.

The Finished Product

This is my custom IR Illuminator made for a special interactive floor projection project.

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