IR Illuminator – Part Two

On January 29, 2010, in Electronics, openFloor, by Vlad Cazan

In the previous post I had connected a LM317 Power Regulator to a row of 8 IR LED’s. Everything was working fairly well so I decided to run a few tests before soldering the LEDs to the board. I have changed the circuit and removed the potentiometer and created everything with only one resistor. I have managed to get the current to stabilize at about 1200 mA with a voltage of 1.5. This should give the LEDs the proper conditions for a very long life.

I have added 16 LEDs to my circuit and plan on leaving it running for about one hour and see if there is any over heating or burned LEDs. While this test I have managed to find two volt meters so I can measure both current and voltage in this hour. These two volt-meter are set up to read both current and voltage. The one on the right is the voltage and the left is the current. This reading states that the LEDs are using about 1200mA and 1.544V.

If this test seems to pass I will go ahead and create a 6X6 matrix of IR LEDs on a prototype board and see how much light I can get out of these LEDs. If I will need more then I can just add more rows to my existing design and the voltage and current should stay the same. It is important that both are constant because if anything changes the brightness or power of the LEDs will change as well which would not make for a very practical IR Illuminator.

Just to make sure that they are bright enough here is a shot of the viewfinder of the camera I will be using.

Here are some more pics:

Part Three –>

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