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On March 3, 2010, in openFloor, by Vlad Cazan

I require two pieces of software for this projection project to work. I will need a way find humans from the camera input and then transfer that into a number and a coordinate of where they are on the screen. This information will be passed to the second application which will create the image that will be projected on the floor based on the information from the first program.

For this project I have opted to use an open source C++ library for all of my tracking called openCV (Open Source Computer Vision Project) . These libraries include many high level algorithms that I would never be able to reproduce. Using this library they have a piece of code called “Blob Tracking”.

I have created an application where I will be able to visually monitor the tracking software and make adjustments as needed. I have added settings for threshold, max, and min blob sizes so that I can adjust the software to any different setting or location. This application sends the position, the blob number, and the mood of the blob (if it is moving or standing still) .

On the other side there is a small application created inside of Processing, that takes these values and places a yellow circle where the blob of the person really is. This is where I will be able to program my animations in the future.

The next step will be setting this all up in a studio and checking the results.

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